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On April 14, Yu Hanchao was detained by the Guangzhou police for 15 days and fined for altering his license plate. As a Chinese Super League star with an annual salary of 10 million yuan, such an operation is really incomprehensible. According to a reporter’s report, Yu Hanchao’s alteration of the license plate is likely to “evade” Guangzhou’s “four stops and four drives” policy for non-Guangdong A car owners, which means that such license plates must be stopped after driving for 4 days.

4月14日,于汉超被广州警方拘留15天,并因更改车牌而被罚款。作为一个年薪一千万元的中国超级联赛球星,这样的操作实在是难以理解。根据记者的报道,于汉超的车牌变更很可能会“逃避”广州对非广东A车主的“四站四驱”政策,这意味着此类车牌必须在驾车四天后停下来。 。

In addition, although Yu Hanchao has joined Guangzhou Evergrande for nearly 6 years, his car has not been replaced. The age of the car has prevented it from passing the National VI emission targets, and thus cannot obtain the Guangdong A license. Yu Hanchao took the consequences for his behavior of altering the license plate, and judging from his actions and “equipment”, it was obviously not a temporary intention. Yu Hanchao naturally equipped the vehicle with the “tool” for altering the license plate, perhaps such an operation Not the first time.


It’s just that as a public figure, everyone knows the law and breaks the law. The “little cleverness” of the Chinese Super League star is likely to ruin his career and tens of millions of high salaries. After all, Guangzhou Evergrande has officially announced that he will be expelled. As far as Yu Hanchao is concerned, he does not know where to find another job.


If it breaks out of Han Chao, this is Guangzhou Evergrande's measures after the incident. This Chinese Super League hegemon has always had an iron-fisted tradition of ruling the army, including Cannavaro, Wei Shihao, Conca and many other generals who have been punished by the team and can be proud of the Super League. Guangzhou Evergrande relies on its strong financial resources, rewards and punishments. The clear management lies in the Han Chao incident, Guangzhou Evergrande did not show mercy.


Of course, some people questioned the practice of Guangzhou Evergrande, and the terminated players may be suspected of violating labor contracts. Guangzhou Evergrande’s "Three Nine Team Regulations" has long precedents. Judging from its "Nine Expulsion" standards, Yu Hanchao is closer to Article 9: Anyone who violates the law. However, even though Yu Hanchao violated the law, he did not form the “degree” of the crime. What he accepted was administrative punishment and not criminal responsibility. This article just looks like it, but there is still room for actual implementation.


Of course, Guangzhou Evergrande’s "Nine Expulsions" have two bottom-line clauses, such as Article 7: Those who seriously damage the company’s brand image, and Article 8: Those who seriously violate professional ethics. However, the two definitions are very modest, and the specific matters are not exhaustive. The right of interpretation naturally belongs to Guangzhou Evergrande.


According to the style of Guangzhou Evergrande, these team rules are bound to be implemented in the players’ contracts. Even if there is some room to fight for, according to the styles of Yu Hanchao and Guangzhou Evergrande, this matter is basically a conclusion. It is difficult to fight side by side with Guangzhou Evergrande.


The 33-year-old Yu Hanchao is not young anymore. He made his debut for more than 10 years. Yu Hanchao gave the impression of being an aggressive player on the court with a big heart. This kind of performance stems from Hanchao’s love of football. Yu Hanchao is very low-key off the court. His easy-going style has been praised by many reporters and fans, but a mistake is a mistake.


In the 2019 season, Yu Hanchao has missed most of the games due to injuries, and the 2020 season has been delayed due to the epidemic. Guangzhou Evergrande has consciously updated and replaced players in the past two years. Gao Lin, Feng Xiaoting, Zeng Cheng and other players have successively Leaving the team, Yu Hanchao was originally the target of the team's intention to sell, but Cannavaro trusted him very much, which allowed the veteran to stay in the team. Unexpectedly, it ended up like this.


Nowadays, Yu Hanchao has become a free agent. With his fame and strength, Yu Hanchao does not have to worry about leaving home, but his age, status and negative effects have become issues that cannot be ignored. According to the current policy of the Chinese Football Association, It is basically impossible to have an annual salary of tens of millions. In the worst case, Yu Hanchao may choose to retire directly.


They have become heroes that fans chase wildly on the court, but they are often controversial because of low-level mistakes off the court. There are many accidents similar to Yu Hanchao in the Chinese professional league.


Let’s talk about the dismissed first. In 2012, Zhejiang Greentown officially announced the dismissal of the player Baal. The reason was that the player did not abide by the team’s rules during the game and went out overnight without authorization. He was first stopped for three times, but Baal still disobeyed the rules and left the team privately. Unbearable and expelled directly.

让我们先谈谈被解雇的情况。 2012年,浙江绿城正式宣布解雇球员巴尔。原因是该球员在比赛中没有遵守球队的规则,并且未经授权便过夜。他先是三度被拦下,但巴尔仍然不遵守规则,私下离开了车队。难以忍受,直接被驱逐出境。

In addition to Baal, another former international footballer has even greater fame and problems. In 2013, Mao Jianqing, who played for Shanghai Shenxin, took the lead for Shanghai's younger brother Zhang Yudong. He went to the team captain Jiang Zhipeng's room late after drinking to fight with him, quite a bit to defend Shanghai. The trend of the status of local players has escalated from conflicts in the team training ground to fighting within the team, and even almost made the police. In the end, Shen Xin expelled Mao Jianqing directly.

除了巴尔之外,另一位前国际足球运动员的名声和问题也更大。 2013年,曾为上海申新队效力的毛建清带头带领上海的弟弟张玉东。喝酒后,他去了江志鹏队长的房间,和他吵架,为上海保卫了不少。本地运动员的身份趋势已经从团队训练场中的冲突升级为团队内部的战斗,甚至几乎使警察动弹了。最后,沉欣直接驱逐了毛建清。

Let’s talk about cars. The drunk driving incident during Zhang Xiuwei's work in Tianjin Tianhai (formerly known as Tianjin Quanjian) was once heated. The young midfielder, known as the "Magic Flute of China", was arrested for drunk driving and sentenced to three months of detention with three suspended sentences. Months. Therefore, he was also involved in age fraud and was banned for 9 months by Tianjin Quanjian. The impact was extremely bad for a time.


Coincidentally, in 2019, Quan Jian withdrew. On September 18, Zhang Xiuwei’s teammate Zhang Lu was arrested for drunk driving. As the Chinese national team’s international, Zhang Lu had planned to change the club after Quan Jian’s withdrawal, and even rumored to have a relationship with a Shanghai The club initially signed a contract with a high annual salary. As a result, Zhang Lu not only failed to transfer, but was banned by the Chinese Football Association for one year. The Tianjin court also imposed a four-month detention on Zhang Lu.

巧合的是,权健于2019年退出。 9月18日,张秀伟的队友张露因酒后驾车被捕。作为中国国家队的国际球员,张璐原计划在权健退出后更换俱乐部,甚至有传言称与上海有关系。俱乐部最初签署了一份年薪很高的合同。结果,张璐不仅没有调动,还被中国足协禁止了一年。天津法院还对张露施加了四个月的拘留。

Fans who paid attention to the drunk driving incident of Zhang Xiuwei should remember that the person sitting next to Zhang Xiuwei in the Public Security Bureau was Zhang Lu, and he also drank, but he was not fined because he was driving Zhang Xiuwei. Learn from the previous lessons and blame yourself for the consequences.


In recent years, the mistakes of active players are basically related to drinking or driving. In history, there have been cases such as retired players who took drugs at a peak, deliberately injured and imprisoned them, and Liu Yunfei, a former national gatekeeper, was also infected with drugs...


We don't deny Yu Hanchao's efforts on the court and the happiness it brings us. During the college entrance examination in 2014, Yu Hanchao drove this car to take part in the "Send Exam with Love" activity to pick up candidates for the college entrance examination, but he was wrong.

我们不否认于汉超在球场上的努力以及带给我们的快乐。 2014年高考期间,于汉超开着这辆车参加了“送爱考试”活动,接见了高考考生,但他错了。

In reviewing the illegal incident of Yu Hanchao this time, Yu Hanchao must have forgotten Guangzhou’s “four drives and four stops” regulations before driving. The car had already left the house and was unwilling to “restrict the horse”, so he took out the alteration equipment he prepared in advance on the street. If there is no one on the side to reschedule the license plate, it must be "prepared" instead of "on a whim". Many professional players in China generally lack legal knowledge. They have only lived in a pure football world since they were young. It has become a rare and precious thing to have professionalism, let alone high-quality and high-knowledge.


Yu Hanchao should bear the consequences for his illegal actions, but we don’t have to fall into the trap. We just hope that all footballers can take a warning, regardless of the team rules or the law. As a public figure, this is even more so.


People always sigh that "the flowers will bloom again, and people will never be young again." That is the nostalgia for the passing of time. Probably for the 33-year-old Yu Hanchao, this shocking expulsion will highlight a little bit of "


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